SAW 2022

Somerset Art Weeks

24th Sep - 8th Oct 2022

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The theme of this year’s Somerset artworks exhibition is SANCTUARY, which I think is a lovely word. It speaks of safety and refuge, protection and freedom from intrusion. The word comes from the Latin Sanctus meaning sacred; that which is revered and respected. Cherished, hallowed, spiritual and divine. These are all ideas that come into my mind as I “worship” the ground on which I wander.  Surrounded by this beautiful landscape, I’m compelled to paint the shapes and colours, to hold the fleeting moment forever and to try to express the feelings within, elusive though they are.

As the world seems to become ever more apocalyptic, my sanctuary is this ancient landscape and the hope that the earth can transcend humanity’s grasping consumption.


I’m looking forward to exhibiting with landscape artists David Bowyer and Dawn Reader, print makers Caroline Morris and Susanne Trevellyan, painters Alce Harfield and Dorrie Joy, stained glass artist Ali Blackburn and Ceramic artist Jo Lucksted.


Open from Saturday 24th September to Saturday 8th October (please note we are unable to open for the final Sunday - 9th October)

Hours of opening 10am – 5pm


North Wootton Village Hall

North Wotton

Shepton Mallet