SAW 2018

Somerset Art Works

Open Studio Event

15 - 30 September 2018

"Somerset Open Studios 2018 draws Art Weeks back to its roots, focusing on artists in their working environment. Featuring over 300 artists in 192 venues, visitors will be able to see how artists make their work; their process, practice and inspiration. The event aims to support artists who want to work professionally and are looking to promote their creative businesses across a range of disciplines; Books, Ceramics, Drawing, Film, Furniture, Glass, Jewellery, Metalwork, Mixed Media, Painting, Prints, Photography, Pottery, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textiles and Wood."  from SAW website

Welcome to my home studio for this year’s Art Works’ exhibition. It’s been an incredible summer, with a rather scary heatwave, which saw so many plants and even trees dying in the hedgerows. We are now back to lush green again, with beautiful young ferns unfurling, as if it’s spring again! I love the weather we get (whilst trying not to think that unusual patterns of weather could be man-made and an indication of impending catastrophe!)

Painting is the thing that keeps me connected to the world and gives joy and anguish (as I struggle to do justice to beauty on canvas) in equal measure. I continue to feel immensely privileged to get the chance to paint what I love and to undertake commissions and other projects.

My house is open every day throughout Somerset Art Works from 11am to 6pm (except for Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd). Please visit the organisation’s website for more details.