Angie Rooke

Landscape Artist

Somerset Art Weeks 2014

20th September - 5th October

It has been a fantastic fortnight and I have really enjoyed welcoming people into my home. Showing  the views from my front and back garden to others makes me appreciate them all the more and I never tire of looking. The changing conditions are what inspire me to paint, I suppose. I see the beauty in the low winter sun on the hill or a dark, threatening cloud mass building up behind the trees and I want to capture it and ‘keep’ it.

Thank you to all the people who wended their way down the lanes to North Wootton and came to see my work. It’s been a joy to have visitors to my studio, a place of solitude during the rest of the year! 

2014 Gallery


Latest exhibition:

Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2019

21st Sep - 6th Oct

The Village Hall

North Wootton

Shepton Mallet